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Leap up and let loose as you Learn, Move, and Play your way from your first dance class to a healthy daily habit!
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Your expression is unique...
Whether you're moving your body, sharing an opinion, or even just choosing an outfit, showing other people what's going on inside can be tough. But expressing yourself is how you build better relationships with others. It's how you find your people, and in turn how you find your place.
Nathan Short
Program Creator
Now, you can learn it!
You can learn how to express yourself with movement. How to build a musical mind from a more musical body. Using playful patterns and stories, let me take you on a journey you didn't think you could go on to a place you've always wanted to be. Let me teach you how to dance.
100% online and accessible
Theresa S
Wow! One of the best methods (if not the best method) of dance instruction I have ever come across. Very well planned, organised and demonstrated. Nathan, you exude your passion and enthusiasm for music and dance. Thank you!!!
Amazing course. I would recommend everyone to get this course before you jump into Nathan’s 10 min Masterclasses.
Thomas F
As an older guy who is always embarrassed on the dance floor, this cured all that for me. I felt as if I could hold my own on a wedding dance floor.
Michael P
The course is fun; short, but sweet. I think there is enough variety of moves within each genre for you to be able to hold your own in a party, where you never know what's going to play next.
Zana S
This course is unique. It teaches you how to really "feel" the music. Nathan could also make a lamp post dance! I strongly recommend this awesome course to anyone who wants more joy in their life.
Sagar G
Really amazing, engaging and considerate teacher. Thank you Nathan.
Eva B
I just love it, and my son does too - he was the main reason to buy the program in the first place.
Le V
Love the structured lessons. Easy to understand. Helps increase level of confidence. Thank you.
Andrew M
It complements the Masterclasses really well as it gives you loads of stuff you can do during the filler periods of songs, then you can whip out the Masterclass moves during the chorus of the songs.
Stavros P
The course is great. Nathan is a professional and manages to transfer his energy in dancing to us. Thank you!!
Azdin W
Beautiful concepts and great energy. Linking the colours of the rainbow and body sections to the instrumentation is truly creative.
Holli B
This makes so much sense. I'm so excited to learn more! This has been FANTASTIC and so empowering!
How does it work?
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Step 1
Learn to hear music and perform basic moves to help restore your self-confidence using my unique Colourform system.
  • Use colour to link moves to music
  • Combine steps to create routines
  • Express yourself to any song!
Skills Other Classes Colourform
Weight Transfer
More musical skills =
More Connection =
More confidence
Step 2
Move your body with more traditional dance classes, where you learn choreography to a specific genre of music. Hip Hop, Jazz, and Jive are just some of the fun and challenging styles that will help to boost your mood, vitality, and confidence.
  • Improve your coordination
  • Expand your list of dance moves
  • Exercise and have some fun!
These classes include exclusive Masterclasses that you won't find on the YouTube channel - a subscription gives you even more of these!
Step 3
Play is the most rewarding part of your dance education. You'll be provided with the resources to complete fun dance challenges with your family and friends!
  • Apply what you've been learning
  • Express yourself to others
  • Share a little happy with the world!
Travis Ross
"It brings me so much joy and it's a positive influence on my family!"
More musical skills =
More Connection =
More confidence
Your journey begins with Colourform, an online video course of 15 x 10 min lessons broken up into three modules:
  • MODULE 1:    Create Colour Map
  • MODULE 2:   Learn basic moves
  • MODULE 3:   Combine with style
You'll learn to use my unique Colour Map system to link moves to colours and these colours to the music. Plus, in the privacy of your own home, you'll learn more actual dance skills in just 10 mins a day than you would in hours of other typical dance classes (many of which cost $250+ per term).
Skills Other Classes Colourform
Weight Transfer
More musical skills =
More Connection =
More confidence
Improve confidence
Move more naturally
A positive daily habit
Improve coordination
Dance to any song
Exercise and have fun!

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